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Battlefield 4 CE-34878-0 error fix for PS4 multiplayer

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on 18 November 2013

A widespread error currently affecting access to Battlefield 4 multiplayer on PS4 has been leaving users extremely frustrated.

Players trying to get online have been greeted with error code “CE-34878-0,” either before they've had a chance to get into a multiplayer match, or during.

However, there are a couple of temporary solutions worth trying.

Sign out of the PSN completely. Then boot up Battlefield 4 and once the menu appears press the PlayStation button to log into PSN

You should now be able to access multiplayer, though the error may still occur while you are playing.

Alternatively, some users have discovered that if they press the ‘X’ button repeatedly while Battlefield 4 is booting up to get through the menus and into multiplayer as quickly as possible they’ve bypassed the error.

Or, you could just wait for the patch and go and play something else instead.

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Source: Reddit