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New Guitar Hero III downloads coming this month

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December is going to be a great month for North American Guitar Hero III fans. If you may be wondering just what we mean, then look no further than the latest song pack to be made available in the coming weeks - just think of it as a Christmas gift from Activision.

As said, the set of downloadable songs will include a three song downloadable package, three individual songs, and a free song.

The whole set up will look like this:

Three Song Bundle Package:
No More Sorrow – Linkin Park
Sleeping Giant – Mastadon
Pretty Handsome Awkward – The Used

Three Individual Songs:
So Payaso – Extremoduro
Antisocial – Trust
Ernten Was Wier Saen – Die Fantastischen Vier

Free downloadable song:

We Three Kings – Steve Ouimette

Currently there is no core price range or date in which the content will be released, but soon as it becomes known, PlayStation Universe will be one of the first to let you know.

It is good however to see that Activision is keeping the GHIII experience fresh by throwing out new content in such a rapid pace.

Source: PS3fanboy