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Howard Stringer speaks Blu-ray

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Despite the continuing success of Blu-ray, many pessimists continue to nit-pick Sony’s every move and comment as proof that they are not fully committed to the high definition platform anymore.

However, Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer recently made a few comments about Blu-ray in which the media totally had a field day with. It was turned around to make it seem like Sony is losing focus and confidence in the format.

Well to clear things up, Stringer has spoken up once again touting the success of Blu-ray, in an attempt to prove that Sony is totally behind the format and will be for a long time. His comments are as followed:

"We believe Blu-ray has the best picture, more particularly the best security, the best capacity for future improvements and the amount of content we generate. And this last week we sold more hardware than HD-DVD, the total number of Blu-ray capable devices in the US is at 2.7 million in the US compared to 750,000 HD-DVD. We're selling software 2:1 on titles in the US, 3:1 in Europe, and Blu-ray recorders here in Japan stand at 98% of the market."

Later when asked if he would take the stance and say that Blul-ray is the definitive winner, Stringer followed back with:

"I wouldn’t anticipate, we have momentum given the numbers I told you on the 2:1 software ratio in US and 3:1 in Europe and beyond. But that’s all we have at the moment, is momentum. When you put those numbers together, PS3 is a...if you buy a PS3 for games, you get a Blu-ray player. We’ve always said that would help."

He says that all they have at the moment is momentum. So what happens when that momentum runs out? It still appears as if Sony is beating around the bush when it comes to Blu-ray at times, but sooner or a later, hopefully a more stronger stance would be taken, thus allowing others to follow.

Source: Hollywood in Highdef