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PS4 Siren listing was mistaken for Rime, says Sony

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on 29 November 2013
Earlier this week, a NeoGAF member spotted a Romanian press release that listed the next possible Siren outing. Many speculators believed this was a mistake, and Siren director Keiichirō Toyama confirmed on Twitter that this is indeed the case.
“I do not know anything. At least, I'm not involved at all.”
According to Sony, who responded to IGN on the matter, the reason that Siren was listed was because of a simple misunderstanding.
“The listing for Siren was a mistake, it should have listed Rime. Siren was the working title name for Rime prior to its announcement at Gamescom 2013.”
November 3, 2013 was the 10th anniversary for the cult horror series. The most recent entry was Siren: Blood Curse on the PlayStation 3.