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PS4's The Witness may support virtual reality

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on 2 December 2013

A pair of mysterious images labeled vr1.png and vr2.png has appeared on The Witness blog. Game creator Jonathon Blow titles the post with an ambiguous question: “What could it mean??”

The images bear a resemblance to the multi-screened nature of the Oculus Rift, therefore the“vr1” and “vr2” labels are certainly displayed as fitting acronyms for “virtual reality.” This could be a foreseeable venture into a different method of gameplay interaction, especially now that Sony, according to CVG, is rumored to be developing a VR headset akin to the Oculus Rift.

Virtual reality devices aren’t new to the industry, but this concept could prove to be a worthwhile investment for Sony and for the console market. Is this a future that you’re willing to jump into, or is this nothing more than another gimmick that’s just trying to break the mold? Share your thoughts below.