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VGX: Hello Games announces No Man's Sky, an 'ambitious' new title for PS4

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on 7 December 2013

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Hello Games, developers of the highly-praised downloadable series Joe Danger, has announce its newest title – No Man’s Sky – for next-gen systems on Spike TV’s annual VGX Awards.

The announcement came following a conversation and teaser delivered by key figurehead of Hello Games, Sean Murray, who took to the couch with consummate nonchalance as he addressed both Geoff Keighley and Joel McHale to reveal the third game in the company’s history.

The ambitious first-person MMO-esque title is massive in scope, focusing on the exploration of a persistent living game world, from sea depths to stars in space. No Man's Land seems to look like a colorfully-saturated mesh of a thatgamecompany style and a sci-fi flight simulator.

Hello Games was formed back in 2009 by former members of Criterion, EA, and Kuju Entertainment. The tight-knit developer is based in Guildford, U.K. and currently has four full-time employees working on the title.

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