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PS4 outselling Xbox One by 66 percent in the US

on 9 December 2013

The PlayStation 4 is outselling the Xbox One, according to analyst Michael Pachter.

In a recent investor's note, as reported by
MCV (via VG24/7), Pachter estimates the PS4 has sold 1.25 million units in the U.S. during the month of November, while the Xbox One has sold 750,000, which places the PS4 in first place with 66 percent more units sold.

However, take into account that, in the U.S., the PS4 launched on November 15 and the Xbox One launched on November 22--a full week later.

Although early, the trend seems to continue in the UK, with PS4's estimated sales at 250,000 and Xbox One's at 150,000--once again, a roughly 66-percent difference.

What do you think? How much of a factor is PS4's earlier release? Will PlayStation 4 continue to lead the competition? Or will sales equalize in the coming months?