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Uncharted getting Home support from Sony?

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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune has already been heralded as one of the PlayStation 3's killer app's, with Sony now hoping to capitalize on the success of the game. The company is reportedly working closely with developer Naughty Dog to integrate their new adventure game with Sony's upcoming Home community-networking service.

Although both companies are working closely on Home, there are currently no plans to issue any extra content that will extend the 10-hour original length of the game:

"We aren't planning any downloadable content for Uncharted," Naughty Dog's Evan Wells revealed, the co-president adding: "We are planning to take advantage of whatever kind of integration into Home is possible," without going into further detail about what such features might cover.

Sony has already announced special unlockable trophies for certain accomplishments achieved within games and this certainly may be the type of thing Naughty Dog may be working on.

Along with the trophies, speculation along with what Sony has revealed about Home have also hinted at the hope that certain developers will have their own dedicated "Home Space" where gamers can visit and possibly download content (such as wallpapers or themes) or play mini-games. Keep following Home and Naughty Dog's development as this story continues to unfold.

Source: Play TM