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Famitsu polls Japanese gamers on PS4, see the results here

on 17 January 2014

Japan’s gaming bible Famitsu (via Kotaku) has quizzed 1,000 gamers on their thoughts regarding the PlayStation 4, which is on track for a February launch in the country.

The results were incredibly positive for Sony, with a massive 76.4 per cent confirming they want a PS4. Only 11.6 per cent outright said ‘no,’ while 12 per cent remained on the fence.

In terms of whether gamers intend to purchase a PS4, 35.4 per cent said are definitely going to pick one up, while 50 per cent said they would buy the console ‘eventually.‘ Fortunately, only 14.6 per cent said ‘no.’

Elsewhere, gamers were polled on what version of the PS4 they intend to purchase: The First Limited Pack or the First Limited Pack with PlayStation Camera. 60.2 per cent said they will pick up the First Limited Pack, while 20.4 per cent plumped for the bundle that includes the camera. 19.4 per cent remained undecided on their purchase.

Next up, Famitsu picked gamers’ brains on what titles they are looking forward to from the launch line-up. 284 voted for Yakuza Ishin, 161 picked Killzone: Shadow Fall, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn picked up 142 votes, Battlefield 4 nabbed 131 votes, and finally, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag received 113 votes.

The publication then asked what non-launch games tickle their fancy. Unsurprisingly, Final Fantasy XV received the most votes with 452 shouts, followed by Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes with 256, Kingdom Hearts III with 213 votes and Watch Dogs with 143 votes.

Finally, gamers were quizzed on what series they would like to play on PS4. Those polled expressed interest in playing Grand Theft Auto, Uncharted, Tales, Dark Souls, Resident Evil and Monster Hunter -- the latter hardly a surprise considering its popularity in The Land of the Rising Sun.

PS4 is due out in Japan on February 22.