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Don't Starve PS Vita under consideration, PS4 release hits 1 million players

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on 21 January 2014

The developer behind Don’t Starve has confirmed that the celebrated survival title has notched up one million players on PlayStation 4.

Klei Entertainment told EDGE that the game’s success has prompted the studio to look into releasing the game for PlayStation Vita.

“Well before the end of 2013 we had over one million Don’t Starve players,” and added, “With PlayStation Plus, beyond promotion of being a featured game, a lot of people who maybe wouldn’t have tried our game did [try it] and really enjoyed it. Some of those people went on to check out the PC version as well, and would maybe be interested in the upcoming DLC," said the developer's Corey Rollins.

“We’re investigating a proper Vita version [of Don't Starve] at the moment, but we’re not quite sure yet. Currently, a lot of people play Don’t Starve: Console Edition using the PS4′s remote play, and really enjoy it. So we’re looking into a proper Vita release. As for iOS and mobile, that is something we’ve also been investigating and we think might work, but it’s not at the front of our development priorities right now. It’s still on our radar, though.”

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