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PS4-exclusive InFamous: Second Son receives official reactions trailer

on 22 January 2014

In an effort to whet appetites even more so than they already have been, Sucker Punch has today unleashed an official ‘reactions’ trailer for InFamous: Second Son ahead of its purported launch in March.

The trailer (seen below) meshes the incredible free-world chaos associated with the InFamous series in the form of gameplay, whilst highlighting the gaming media’s response to what they’ve seen thus far. It’s undoubtedly a positive reaction, and one which bodes well for when the game is finally released on Sony’s flagship system in a mere two months.

InFamous: Second Son - set seven years after its immediate predecessor – puts players firmly in the feet of loveable rogue Delsin Rowe, who, after acquiring a plethora of powers via an accident, decides to take on the dystopian powers that be.


Are you eagerly anticipating the third iteration in the InFamous series? Give us your views below.