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Resident Evil 6 movie unlikely to see 2014 release

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on 4 February 2014

The director behind the Resident Evil motion picture franchise has indicated the planned sixth installment in the horror series is unlikely to hit cinemas in 2014.

Speaking during an interview with Collider, Paul W.S. Anderson reiterated that he would definitely “like to do another Resident Evil movie. Definitely. But the wheels aren’t quite in motion yet.”

As such, with no script or filming having taken place, we’re likely to see the movie turn up next year. This is despite the fact Sony previously posted a projected release date of September 2014 for the zombie-action flick.

Resident Evil 6 is said to bring an end to the current story arc involving the character of Alice, played by Milla Jovovich. The last movie was released in September 2012 and sets things up for a massive showdown with Umbrella’s marauding bio-weapons, who have brought the human race to its knees.

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