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SE500 Episode 12: The Last of Us 2 rumors and a perfect review score

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on 15 February 2014

Another weekend brings another episode of SE500, our proprietary gaming show that strives to hit you with interesting stories from a friendly face--Marjaana Roininen.

On this episode, Marjaana gives you the dish on rumors of a Last of Us sequel. Meanwhile, the hugely popular Disney Infinity could be getting Marvel- and Star Wars-themed versions, so if you've got toy- and video game-loving children, 'Holiday 2014' could be entering your nightmares shortly.

To wrap things up, Marjaana gives you the quick-and-dirty from our review of Surge Deluxe, which is the first game we've scored a perfect 10 since I got my hands on Grand Theft Auto V last year! Congratulations to Futurlab, who continues to populate PS Vita with incredibly fun titles like Surge Deluxe and the also-superb Velocity Ultra.

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