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I reviewed Thief -- Ask me anything during PSU's livestream!

on 24 February 2014

Thief has game reviewers divided on PS4's first major 2014 release. Some fell in love with Garrett the Master Thief's return to gaming, citing old-school stealth design and an atmospheric world as reasons to play Eidos Montreal's latest. Others seem to despise everything about it: confusing map, awkward combat, lackluster controls, and glitches galore.

I fall somewhere in between. For me, Thief was a good time--a fun, though flawed, romp through an incredibly detailed environment with plenty of opportunities for sneaking your own way. I couldn't stand the face-palm dialogue, and the narrative definitely could have gone to more interesting places, but Thief holds a unique space among modern stealth games. I gave it a 7.5 out of 10. If you're hungry for something new to play on PS4, I give it my tentative recommendation.

But don't trust my word for it! Tonight, at 11 pm CST, watch me start a second playthrough of Thief on the homepage of PSU.com and our official Twitch channel. Ask me any questions you have about the game. Was your pre-order worth it? Is this a game you need now, or after a price drop? What does combat look and feel like? Is the game really that visually stunning?

Just hit up PSU.com at 11 pm CST as I start a fresh playthrough on a custom difficulty. Heck, drop in early enough, and you can help me choose my specific difficulty parameters. As long as they total to 700 or more difficulty points. I want that trophy.

In the meantime, drop a comment below with some things you want to see and know so I can give you the scoop during my livestream later. Also, check out 13 tips for playing Thief--my best advice after reviewing the game, the things I wish I'd known when starting.