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New Rainbow Six Vegas 2 details

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Rainbow Six took a drastic turn when developers Ubisoft Montreal decided to take the genre from international espionage to America’s Playground last November. The end result ultimately turned out to be one of the better Rainbow Six games of all time, if not one of the best shooters.

After smashing through expensive casino windows and shooting up the slot machines, it appears that once again players will be swept away to the most glamorous cities in the world for a part deux.

Coming March 2008, gamers will experience an all-new storyline, which will take place mostly in the back streets of Vegas rather than the glitzy casino hotels of the original. This should give a fresh but bolder element to the series. Some of the new elements include:

- Smarter AI fully equipped with thermal vision, night vision, and shields
- Total of 11 new weapons and new camouflage armor.
- Multiplayer will feature two new game modes along with 13 maps at launch.
- Updated match making system.
- Customize your character through the single player experience
- Co-Op mode will boast a new drop in/drop out option, allowing for multiple entry points within a map.

Stay tuned to PSU, as we will bring you more on Vegas 2 as it breaks.

Source: OXM