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Top 5 PS4 game best-sellers revealed in Japan

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on 26 February 2014

Following the launch of the PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 22, which was snapped up by over 320,000 gamers in the first couple of days, Famitsu has uncovered which games have sold the most units, revealing that Knack outsold triple-A titles such as Battlefield 4 and Killzone: ShadowFall.

There's good reason why Knack topped the bill because Sony offered a ‘First Limited Pack’ launch bundle containing the game and the PS4 camera, meanwhile the rest of the figures paint a truer picture of where Japanese gamers have been spending their money.

Here’s the rundown…

1. Knack – 322,083 units
2. Yakuza Restoration! – 73.086 units
3. Battlefield 4 – 26878 units
4. Killzone ShadowFall – 25,978 units
5. Dynasty Warriors 7 – 13576 units

So, despite the decent hardware launch sales figures in Japan, it appears that the Japanese audience haven’t particularly embraced the handful of titles available for PS4. Nevertheless, Sony appears to be pleased about PS4 hardware sales so far, which at this stage is already four times the amount that the PS3 sold at launch. Now they just need the games to go with it.