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Sony Santa Monica's new IP was due to be shown at E3 -- rumor

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on 28 February 2014

The developer behind God of War was set to unveil its new IP at E3 this year, according to a user on NeoGAF.

“Sad to hear Santa Monica’s new IP is canned. It sounded pretty darn good from what I was told. RIP, we hardly knew ye. New IP was really unique, sci-fi…legitimately saddened at the news. Sorry to everyone involved, damn. What’s worse is that it was set to be unveiled at E3. Something massive must have happened,” said ‘Shinobi602.

Yesterday it was confirmed via a former employee at Sony Santa Monica that the studio’s new IP had been canceled after more than three years in development. Sadly, a number of staff were also laid off.

Sony Santa Monica is currently working on the PlayStation 4-exclusive title The Order: 1886, alongside Ready at Dawn.

via VG247