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The Order: 1886 amazing graphics achieved through imperfection

on 5 March 2014

Ready At Dawn has revealed that its secret to creating such impressive visuals for its upcoming PlayStation Exclusive action-adventure game, The Order: 1886, is ‘imperfection’.

The team at the official PlayStation magazine recently spoke with Ready At Dawn CEO Ru Weerasuriya about its dazzling graphics and he reveals that instead of striving for visual perfection and an artificial cleanleness, the team has tried to emulate how things would look in the real world.

Imperfection makes it believable, so we emulate that imperfection,” he says. “When we build cameras from the ground up, we try to emulate a lot of real glass that exists in the world. What would a real Canon 100mm prime shoot like? What would be the Bokeh, the chromatic aberration, the depth of field? That’s what we’re trying to build in every camera”.

Direct-feed gameplay showcases The Order: 1886's  amazing visuals

He continues: “Every camera has lens dirt. Unless you take it, wipe it down and then shoot, most of the time on set any camera lens will have dirt that will show up when the light shines on it. You get this wash over the camera. It’s natural. It’s an imperfection, but it’s natural”.

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