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'Chances of maxing out PS4 hardware are slim', says Awesomenauts dev

on 5 March 2014

Awesomenaut’s developer Romino thinks that the chances of any game maxing out the PlayStation 4 hardware are slim and believes that this generation will “mostly play out like the last.”

Speaking in an interview with Gamepur, Romino's Jasper Koning says that developers don’t really need to push the PS4 hardware because the industry is moving away from triple-A titles to lower-priced downloadable games.

I think this console generation will mostly play out like the last in that sense”, says Koning. "The shift away from disc based AAA games towards 10-20 USD downloadable games will continue. And most of these games are not real hardware pushers, like Awesomenauts. So chances of games maxing out the hardware are slim, some even say that the PS3 wasn't even maxed out at the end. Maxing out nowadays is more a question of budgets and resources than anything else. I don't think this matters though, games will still get more and more amazing."

With great-looking games like The Order: 1886 already on the horizon, it does make us wonder what the PS4 is really capable of should a developer attempt to push it to its limits.