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Astonishing new The Division screenshots boast rooftop firefight & more

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on 5 March 2014

In an attempt to quell the arduous wait that looks to be ahead, a slew of stunning Tom Clancy’s The Division screenshots have been released to drool over.

The screenshots, which appear below, acutely showcase the desolate state of the world following the spread of the mysterious disease that takes humanity to its knees in a mere five days.

Moreover, we can see just how detailed each of the environments are, from the abandoned cars strewn across the road to detailed roofs of decrepit buildings - all wrapped up in some incredible-looking weather effects.

Check out the rest here.

Tom Clancy’s The Division has been rumoured to have been pushed back to 2015, either way we can’t wait the get our hands on what looks to be the most anticipated Tom Clancy-adaptation yet. Give us your views below.

(Via OPM.)