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User finds ingenious way of downloading fully uncompressed PS4 'share' captures

6 March 2014

The hawk-eyed folk over at Reddit have been at it again, with one of its users finding an ingenious way of bypassing the PlayStation 4's current uploading policy to download uncompressed screenshots from game folders.

As it stands, users are only able to upload their ‘Share’ screenshots in heavily compressed formats to Facebook and Twitter, with no direct way of downloading onto flash drives or any other system – until now. User blade85 has divulged a simple step-by-step method for alleviating one of the PS4’s minor issues.

- Have a second account at the ready, or a friend’s PSN.

- Send a message with your desired screenshot attached via the PS4 messaging service to the account.

- Download the PlayStation App for your phone.

- Open up the application, log into your PSN, and check out the message that you sent.

- Open the attachment on your phone.

- Now you can save the full-resolution screenshot to your memory and use in whatever capacity you wish.

Thanks to Reddit users blade85 and IceBreak for this clever workaround. Let us know if you plan to use this technique in the comments.

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