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Stealth cloaking and equipment changes coming to DUST 514 in Uprising 1.8

on 15 March 2014

An extremely important role in DUST 514, equipment can turn the tide of a battle.

Putting down a 'Drop Uplink' creates a remote spawn point for your team and using an 'Active Scanner' reveals nearby enemies to your squad. Putting down a 'Nanohive' restocks ammo and using a 'Nanite Injector' revives a downed clone. 'Repair Tools' are used to repair team mate’s armor and Remote Explosives to destroy unsuspecting vehicles or clones. With these tools of the trade being so important CCP is always trying to balance equipment and introduce new types.

Launching on the 25th of March, Uprising 1.8 will see a balancing pass for almost all Equipment and also introducing a new piece of equipment, the Cloaking Field.

CCP Remnant, a Senior Game Designer for the game gave a brief summary of 1.8’s equipment changes in a
recent devblog:

• Cooldown times on active scanners have been increased. Scanner functionality has also been improved to do snapshot scans in order to stop “scannerinas” from doing 360 degree spins.
• The range on repair tools has been reduced.
• Drop uplink spawn times have been increased.
• Nanohive nanite supply has been reduced.
• The Cloak Field will be available in 1.8. 

The changes to Nanohives and Drop Uplinks are due to players “spamming” deployable equipment, mostly on or around objectives in the Domination game mode. Not only was this annoying to fight against but also sometimes caused severe lag if done in a enclosed place, which isn’t fun at all.

The change to the Active Scanner was made because unless you sacrificed some slots on your suit for Profile Dampener modules then the enemy could see you almost everywhere you are, which gets rid of flanking tactics (unless you’re a scout who naturally has a lower scan profile and generally use Profile Dampeners.) 

The changes are also to make the new skills for Logistics Suits more beneficial and require more specialization to use a piece of equipment to its maximum potential. This change has raised some eyebrows for some logistics players; some believe CCP might have over nerfed the Logi.

The changes for Logistics Suits are as follows:

Logistics Role Bonus: 5% reduction to PG/CPU cost of equipment.
Caldari Logistics Bonus: +10% to nanohive max. nanites and +5% to supply rate and repair amount per level.
Gallente Logistics Bonus: +10% to active scanner visibility duration and +5% to active scanner precision per level.
Minmatar Logistics Bonus: +10% to repair tool range and 5% to repair amount per level.
Amarr Logistics Bonus: 10% reduction to drop uplink spawn time and +2 to max. spawn count per level.

 Check the following page for equipment stats and cloaking.