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Parappa voice actor scams, mocks fans; fans to speak on RDGH podcast

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on 19 March 2014

Lately, a scandal of sorts has been growing from the actions of Dred Foxx, the voice actor behind Parappa the Rapper, one of Sony’s best-known classics.

It began in late 2012 when two college students, Cameron Perry and Jacob Collins, contacted Foxx to ask if he would record several lines for their animation project based on Parappa and several other characters from PlayStation All-Stars. Foxx allegedly requested payment, and Collins and Perry sent him $100 to do the work. He promised to do it, but never did, and never refunded their money.

Just a few weeks ago, one of the students’ friends posted a line of frustration on Facebook calling Foxx a “con artist.” It didn’t get particularly serious until Dred Foxx himself posted with this:

“Ya Mama..what a LOSER! you can’t even show your face…I laugh at the petty. To all my real folk, don’t feed into this IDIOT..the more you respond the more power you give this cyberdouche..One Love.”

This turns out to be the mildest of Dred Foxx’s responses as the situation progresses. Some of Foxx’s fans took the rapper’s side until Perry and Collins released a YouTube video showing evidence that they did indeed send Foxx money to perform a job he agreed to but never completed, and that they did not receive a refund, which Foxx eventually (and perhaps unintentionally) admitted to with this later statement. The text in parentheses also comes from Foxx.

“…He sent me $40 Western Union lol & his partner sent me $60…really? I was unable to give him a 10 line (legal advice & copyright laws) & offered to do a bigger project between us for lesser $ in the future (which could’ve blew him up) but he started crying…”

Here is the video that Cameron Perry published on YouTube to prove that the allegations against Dred Foxx were true. The “Brian Groza” that he mentions in the video is one of the more outspoken fans of Dred Foxx who originally sided with Foxx, downplayed the allegations, and mocked Perry and Collins.



Foxx continued to say that he felt “disrespected” by Perry sending him numerous “time wasting texts,” but the remainder of the voice actor’s messages continued to mock Perry in a highly unprofessional manner, calling him a loser, using profanities and crude statements like “You are no longer welcome in this WORLD..get a life! ‘Somebody stick something in his mouth, my zipper is stuck’… HA!”

Most recently, Foxx threatened Collins and Perry with lawsuits to the tune of $5,000 for defamation of character, libel, and harassment, though Foxx’s behavior and other present evidence do not suggest that such lawsuits would hold up for him. Foxx did say that in the midst of the impending lawsuits he would be willing to settle with Jacob Collins and return his $60, but as for Perry, “he gets 0.”

The reaction from those aware of the situation has been largely negative, illustrating that the debacle seems to have left the many fans Foxx claims to have with sour tastes in their mouths. Foxx’s Facebook has numerous negative comments ranging from disappointed to vulgar.

We originally spoke about this issue on PSU’s Racial Diversity Gaming Hour podcast. Cameron Perry himself got wind of it and he and Jacob Collins agreed to be on episode 9, which will go live here and on iTunes later today, to talk about the situation and how it has affected them.

To this point, Dred Foxx has not clearly told his side of the story. He claimed that he would respond on YouTube, but has not yet done so. We have reached out to him for comment and to give him the opportunity to tell his side of the story on RDGH, but have not yet received a response.

Collins and Perry created a website,, detailing the ongoing online incident and all of Dred Foxx’s responses that have caused the situation to grow so publicly. View them and comment below, or tweet what you think with #RDGH. Also, be sure to listen to episode 9 of RDGH featuring both Cameron Perry and Jacob Collins as special guests.