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Sony Santa Monica Studio has 'STELLAR lineup coming,' says former lead designer Seth Killian

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on 25 March 2014

Former Sony Santa Monica Studios lead designer Seth Killian tweeted that the studio has a "STELLAR" lineup" of games in the works.

Killian recently left Santa Monica Studio back in December, but word of his departure did not surface til today. Previously he co-founded the EVO fighting game championships then served as Capcom's Strategic Marketing Director of Online & Community before joining Sony in 2012. He tweeted his departure was on "great terms" and that Sony's "amazing indies" inspired him to do his "own thing."

Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica Studio is most well-known for the God of War series and worked in the past with smaller studios like thatgamecompany on indie titles. Their latest known project is the PlayStation 4-exclusive Order 1886, which is a collaborative effort with Ready at Dawn.

What could be cooking over at SCE Santa Monica? More God of War? A completely new IP? Maybe both? Discuss in the comments below and keep checking back to PSU for more breaking PlayStation news.