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Football Manager Classic 2014 release date revealed

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on 26 March 2014

Sega Europe announced today the release date for Football Manager Classic 2014 on the PlayStation Vita.

Football Manager Classic 2014 will be published by Sega and will be available as both a physical release and a digital download through the PSN store. Sega Europe also announced that Football Manager Classic 2014 would feature cross-platform compatibility which enables gamers to continue playing a single game from either the PS Vita or a PC.

Sports Interactive Studio Director, Miles Jacobson said incorporating the cross-platform functionality was no small task.

“This game has been the most technically challenging that we’ve ever worked on” said Jacobsen. “We’ve essentially fit a PC game that needs loads of memory, a mouse and a keyboard into Sony’s wonderful handheld with a touch screen - and with the help we’ve had from all of our partners has been wonderful”. Sega Europe stated that they received “considerable support” from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

 Football Manager Classic 2014 will be coming to PlayStation Vita on Friday, April 11th.