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New Dragon Age: Inquisition details emerge

on 28 March 2014

Fresh details on BioWare fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition have surfaced from the pages of Official Xbox Magazine.

According to the publication (via DualShockers), Inquisition will feature five major areas: Ferelden, The Free Marches, Orlais, Nevarra and the Dales. Previous games have touched on the last three areas listed here, but have never depicted them in-game.

Dragon Age: Origins was set in Ferelden and its sequel took players to Free Marches.

OXM goes on to note that players can “affect environmental charges to drastically influence local settlements, establish trade routes, capture territory and disrupt the local ecosystem.”

In addition, repercussions can also be felt in your hunting exploits. For example, hunt a particular creature or harvest a certain species of plant, and their numbers will dwindle in that location, potentially allowing another species to take over.

The game’s Creative Director, Mike Laidlaw, offered comment on the subject of DLC companions:

“Because of how deeply enmeshed in the system companion characters are, we can’t just add them on the fly; part of them has to be shipped on the disc…which was led to criticism that we’re forcing people to pay for content they already own. It’s not the case, but we’ve decided this time to not go that route. There will be no DLC party members.”

Meanwhile, David Gaider, Dragon Age series writer, spoke a little on the dialogue wheel:

“We have three wheels that we use in response to any given piece of dialogue. One of those is what we call the ‘tone wheel’, which is mostly for role-playing choices. The other two are the ‘choice wheel’- for taking an action or stating an opinion-and the ‘reaction wheel,’ for emotional moments.”

Most interestingly, Inquisition will feature a total of 40 different endings, with the outcome of the story based on your various actions throughout gameplay. BioWare also said the endings won’t just feature minor alterations from each other, and will be significantly different.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Let us know your thoughts on these latest details below.