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Watch Dogs PS4, Xbox One look 'identical,' says animation director

on 31 March 2014

The animation director for Ubisoft’s upcoming open world hacking title Watch Dogs has said that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game look identical -- as far as animation goes.

Speaking to fans on Twitter (via GamingBolt), Colin Graham commented: “They look pretty much the same from what I can tell. On the animation side they are identical.”

Elsewhere, Graham confirmed that Watch Dogs will include multiple difficulty settings to tackle.

“There are difficulty levels. Now I play on realistic, and it’s really freaking hard, but I like a challenge.”

Finally, he revealed that you won’t need to worry about purchasing safe houses or hideouts in the action-adventure romp, saying “you will earn them. You can save your cash to buy cars, guns and crafting items.”

Watch Dogs is scheduled to ship on May 27, after previously being delayed from its original launch date of November 2013.