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Outlast 'Whistleblower' DLC release date unveiled

on 9 April 2014

For those horror fans eager to delve to the depths of Mount Massive asylum once again - and let’s face it, who doesn’t like having to buy new trousers for the experience – Outlast’s ‘Whistleblower’ downloadable content will unleashed on the PlayStation 4 on May 6.

Speaking on its official Twitter, developer Red Barrels Games confirmed the date (May 7 for European folk), and also quipped about the need for diapers – which we have of course alluded to already. Seriously, take heed. Accompanying the announcement is an eerie, bloody-splattered picture which no doubt serves as a sort of enticement tool. How effective it is, you be the judge. There’s no denying, however, just how dire the scenario looks.

Back in February we gave the horror offering a solid 7.5, applauding the atmosphere, night-vision gameplay mechanic and just how frightening some of the set pieces were. Some niggles - such at the repetitive nature of some enemies and the underdevelopment of the characters and story - are ultimately what hindered it from scoring any higher.

Give us your thoughts on the game and if you’ll be picking up the DLC and as ever, check back closer to launch date for our definitive verdict.