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Watch Dogs video contains bevy of multiplayer details

on 24 April 2014

The Watch Dogs buzz continues to build. Ubisoft has released a video showcasing a walkthrough featuring some of the multiplayer aspects of the highly-anticipated title.

The single-player world and multiplayer world are shared in the game. This is illustrated as Animation Director Colin Graham and Assassin's Creed team member Carsten Myhill showcase gameplay from their perspectives.

While gamers will play as Aiden at all times, when you hack another play, they will always look like a standard NPC. As you find these characters and hack into them, you are taken into their game. This transition is seamless thanks to the shared game world.

Players can connect to other players in three ways: Hacking contracts, CTOS Mobile Companion App, and Competitive Decryption Combat. As one of the characters hacks the other, the person who has been hacked has to find the player trying to steal their data, stop the hack, and kill him. This gameplay aspect helps you gain XP and notoriety points to upgrade skills.

As an individual who has been on the Watch Dogs bandwagon for a long time, this video was a refreshing watch. I knew multiplayer was coming, though I remained more interested in the single-player game. After checking out the video however, it is clear that not participating in the multiplayer mode would be a disservice to myself and the game.

Check out the video below and let us know what you excites you most about Watch Dogs and its multiplayer mode.