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Resident Evil 2 fan remake uses RE4-style gameplay, original score and sound effects

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on 24 April 2014

Capcom’s seminal horror sequel Resident Evil 2 has been given a modern-day facelift, courtesy of budding programmer Rod Lima (via GameInformer).

The ambitious project takes environments from Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and recreates the action into a Resident Evil 4-style gameplay experience, replacing the on-rails antics of the source material.

Lima has also implemented the original PlayStation classic’s sound effects and music into the mix, as well as cobbling together a dedicated inventory, weapons and items system.

It’s not a full-blown remake however, as Darkside Chronicles offers only an abbreviated version of events, so several key areas and scenes are missing. However, the fact this is the closest thing to a RE2 remake we'll get after years of fan request makes it a tantalizing development.

Said Lima: “I'm not planning on do a Resident Evil 2 remake, (there's already other groups taking it serious). I made this only to see some codes actually working. And as the result was good, I decided to do a video. Just that.”

"I was fooling around with Darkside Chronicles animations. I started doing some basic moves, did some inventory HUD, some inventory weapons... Anyway it is pretty good. I'm not planning on do something big, but is fun to walk around on Raccoon City, RE4 style."

Resident Evil 2 was released in 1998 and is widely regarded as the best entry in the venerable zombie franchise to date. The game has seen numerous re-releases over the years, including ports to the GameCube, PC and Nintendo 64, but a proper remake similar to what the original Resident Evil received has continued to remain elusive.

Check out some videos of the project below.