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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.25 fixes PS4 issues, adds new PvP content

on 24 April 2014

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn recently launched on PS4, and we think it's better on Sony's new console than on any other platform. Still, the PS4 release hasn't been without issue, with scattered reports of license codes not working and difficulty creating a character on certain servers. Square Enix's latest content patch, 2.25, addresses other issues while adding new PvP content and gameplay systems.

The PS4 fixes first. The number of lines being rendered in the chat log was causing high system load when resizing the chat box (I noticed some slowdown when switching between chat tabs, myself), so the developers have seen fit to reduce the maximum number of lines displayed. In addition, some PS4 users were reporting game crashes when using the Teleport and Return abilities. Apparently, that's been fixed as well.

For new content, Patch 2.25 is substantial, especially considering it's an interim patch between major content updates 2.2 (Through the Maelstrom) and 2.3 (to be announced). The most notable for new PS4 players will be materia transmutation, a new ability (via Lvl. 19 quest "Marvelously Mutable Materia") that allows you to combine five materia of any variety to produce a new materia. The results are sort of unpredictable, but Reddit is trying.

Veteran players with access to the Wolves' Den, a 5v5 PvP arena, will note that the maximum PvP rank has been raised to 40 alongside new iLvl 100 PvP armor for all classes. It's a good-looking set!

Finally, for end-game players running some of the game's hardest content, adjustments have been made to the Binding Coil of Bahamut and Leviathan's Extreme Mode fight. The former's Echo buff now automatically raises damage dealt, HP healed, and maximum HP by 15%, while the latter now rewards Tidal Wave Shields and Tidal Wave Bucklers. Both previously required a Mirror of the Whorl to forge, and anyone who's already used a Mirror to upgrade a Wave Shield or Wave Buckler to their Tidal incarnations will be refunded that Mirror shortly.

There's a bit more besides, including the ability to dye Darklight armor and some balance changes, so check out the full patch notes on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone and give us your thoughts on the update--or the game itself--in the comments below.