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New maps coming to Stranglehold

Stranglehold graced the PlayStation 3 in late 2007, it was a direct sequel to John Woo’s Film, Hard-Boiled. The single player aspect of the game is very intense, unfortunately also very short, which leaves gamers seeking out the online multiplayer aspect as a way of continuing on the replayability of the game. Some would say that Stranglehold's online multiplayer is too monotonous to fall in love with, thus forcing gamers to allow the game to collect dust.

Enter Midway, the developer/publisher of Stranglehold, with their much needed additions. These additions include 10 new maps for the PSN. Accompanying the new maps are 21 new online character skins and 10 new achievements worth up to 250 points. Now before you get too excited, let us use this moment to bring you the important details, one of which is the price, which will be $15 for the downloadable content. The $15 will cover 10 new maps, 21 new skins, and 250 achievable achievement points.

So what is this content worth to you? Can you truly become bored with Stranglehold and label it as dull, if $15 is all it requires to rejuvenate the title into something fresh? Currently the download is listed as “Coming Soon”, so just keep on the lookout for it.