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New Jobs confirmed for Final Fantasy XIV alongside Gold Saucer, PvP details

on 26 April 2014

Speaking at a live event for NicoNico Chokaigi, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed two new classes coming soon to Square Enix's MMO reboot.

The information comes courtesy of Reddit user Reisc, who was either in attendance or caught the stream on Twitch. The two new classes deal heavily with guns and daggers, respectively, and while their official names weren't given, this effectively confirms speculation that a Ninja or Thief class would be added to the game before long. It could come in sequence; Ninja might be the base class you start the game with, eventually evolving into the Thief Job, or vice versa.

The guns, meanwhile, could be a reference to the Chemist, a Final Fantasy Tactics class that used guns to deal elemental damage. It could also be a modified Gunner, as seen in Final Fantasy X-2. Either way, we may get some surprises: Yoshida apparently said that the gun class isn't what people are expecting it to be. It may materialize as the first "Support" role, a promised addition that will co-exist with traditional Tank, Healer, and DPS roles.

A release announcement is being saved for E3, though Yoshida promised that players could expect these classes soon after Patch 2.3, the next major content update. Some speculate these classes could be part of the game's first expansion, which Yoshida has said will have "the [same] amount of content released with the relaunch" itself.

On other matters, Yoshida dropped plenty of hints toward future content and balance fixes. Summoners will get Leviathan and Ramuh pets alongside re-balancing, while Black Mages can look forward to getting buffed in some way. A new PvP system called "Frontlines" will debut in Patch 2.3; details are scarce, but Yoshida and his team hinted toward 8v8v8 combat. The Gold Saucer, a forthcoming hub of mini-games and callback to Final Fantasy VII, will have systems catering to both friends and strangers, with hints toward matchmaking and chocobo races also being dropped.

But that's not all. A new dungeon, set outside and dealing with water, will debut in 2.3. Fantasia potions, an exceedingly rare in-game item that allows you to change your character's appearance, will go on sale in May. And personal rooms will be added to Free Company housing, with some level of customization and decorating alongside.

Just a couple days ago, Patch 2.25 added new PvP content, materia transmutation, and PS4 fixes. Patch 2.3, a major content update in the spirit of 2.2: "Through the Maelstrom", is expected to add a new 24-player raid to the Crystal Tower, which currently houses the 24-player raid "Labyrinth of the Ancients".

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