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Star Wars: Battlefront confirmed for E3

Electronics Art confirmed during its financial briefing overnight that Star Wars: Battlefront will be showcased at E3 next month.

The publishing giant added that the title is progressing “very, very well.”

“Frostbite 3 and the associated development tool set that comes with that has [meant] the team has been able to iterate and drive innovation very quickly and get to a high quality quickly and certainly," commented EA CEO, Andrew Wilson. "There's lots and lots of work to go. But we do plan to show more about [that] and other new projects in development at E3 this year."

Developed by DICE, Star Wars: Battlefront isn’t likely to see the light of day until late 2015, so it is unknown whether or not it’ll be playable at E3. The game is in the works for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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via SeekingAlpha