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Naughty Dog details The Last of Us update 1.07, new Trophies, Grounded difficulty and bug fixes included

Naughty Dog has detailed The Last of Us’ forthcoming 1.07 patch on its official blog.

The studio confirmed that the update weighs in at 151MB, and includes the highly anticipated ‘Grounded’ difficulty setting as previously confirmed.

See below for the full skinny on update 1.07.

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Single Player

    Grounded Difficulty added for Single Player.
    Want a challenge? This mode is for the toughest of the hardcore. Super aggressive AI. Bring your best game or you won’t survive.


Bug Fixes

    Invisibility & Stuck-on-black-screen bug
    Players who have become invisible or are stuck on a black screen (typically when waiting to respawn) will be kicked from the match.
    Players who are kicked will not advance a clan day and suffer any clan losses.
    Fixed a bug that allowed players to exploit supply boxes for extra ammo and 2x4s.
    Fixed a bug that allowed player who was the Last One Standing to get additional comeback items from multiple supply boxes.
    Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes crash when late joining a match.
    Fixed a bug where players on opposite teams who are spawning at the same time would sometimes spawn near each other.
    Fixed a bug where players would sometimes get stuck on a black screen when the host quits out during the match intro.
    Fixed a bug that allowed players to avoid being stunned by a smoke bomb by vaulting over cover.
    Fixed a rare crash that occurred for the player who stayed in a matchmaking game after all other players had quit.
    Fixed a bug that prevented the death grunt VOX from playing when dying.
    Fixed an issue that prevented players from properly shiv killing an enemy who was unlocking the lockbox.
    Fixed an issue that prevented players using an upgraded 2×4 from downing an enemy who was unlocking the lockbox while repeatedly pressing Triangle
    Corrected the alignment of many intro animation cameras.
    Fixed an issue where players were receiving large weapon ammo when downing an enemy with a melee weapon after changing to a pistol-only loadout.
    Fixed bug where players would sometimes get no ammo from a down/execution when using a pistol-only loadout.
    Fixed a bug where player would hold their large firearm while doing a melee finisher.
    Fixed a crash that occurred when the player would sign out while refreshing the in-game store.
    Fixed an issue where game winning VOX would not play when a game of survivors was won with a shiv kill.
    Fixed an issue where a player’s modded 2×4 attack animation would be canceled if a player vaulted over an object.
    Fixed a bug where the shiv cone wasn’t aligned properly in certain cases, which made it easier to get a shiv from one side than the other.
    The Military Sniper has reduced aim assist.

Feature additions and changes


    Machete now interrupts melee like a gunshot would. This, combined with the change to a 3-hit swing allows it to beat an upgraded 2×4 in a fight where both players swing at the same time.
    Machete now has a 3 swing animation and takes 3 hits to down.
    Upgrading any Melee Weapon now requires 3 items to upgrade (blade, binding and rag).


    Burst Rifle now destroys armor in 2 bullets.
    The first upgrade for the 9mm and Shorty now cost 250 parts.
    The upgrades for the Hunting Rifle and Burst Rifle now cost 300 for the first level and 600 for the second level
    The Hunting Rifle scope-in time is slightly faster at the base level. The upgraded levels have not changed.
    The Hunting Rifle and Military Sniper headshot damage is increased. Now if you get a headshot on an enemy with a helmet, it will only take a body shot to down them.
    Silenced weapon sounds now falloff at 70 meters. Silenced weapons can be heard less easily at a distance.


    Players wearing certain masks and helmets will now have a muffled filter added to their dialogue.
    Players will now call out to teammates while in the down state.


    Playlists have been updated:
    Find Match (DLC 2) has been added. This includes the new maps from the Reclaimed Territories map pack (available now), and the original maps, although the DLC maps will appear much more frequently.
    Find Match (No Parties) is now at the top of the list for each gametype
    Find Match renamed to Find Match (Parties Allowed)
    Removed upcoming map image that would appear above the loadout selections during loading to make room for additional loadouts.
    When the user clicks on a DLC item, they are now taken directly to the item to download instead of the store listing.

Survival Skills

    Sharp Ears now has a third level and has had all levels significantly buffed.


    Downtown has had its render settings altered to make players appear brighter on the level and to make the overall lighting on the level a bit brighter.
    The depth of field on High School was tweaked to match the other multiplayer maps.

Supply Boxes

    Supply boxes now only spawn comeback weapons (purchase weapon or machete) when a player is the “Last One Standing”. In situations where a player would have received a comeback weapon, that a player now receives a 2×4 (if they don’t already have one).
    Increased threshold for comeback parts to spawn so they won’t spawn when a team is losing by a small margin.