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Atmospheric puzzler Never Alone announced for PS4

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on 8 May 2014

Never Alone – an indie-developed atmospheric puzzler revolving around Alaskan folklore – has been announced for PlayStation 4.

The platform-centric PlayStation Network release will have players assume the role of Alaskan youngling, Nuna, as well as her wily arctic fox companion, as they set about eight chapters solving puzzles and basking in the serene surroundings and lore of Alaskan native culture.

No release date’s forthcoming for the Upper One Games-developed title but the price has already been set at $14.99 across all announced platforms, which includes PC and Xbox One atop of the PS4 release. A co-op mode has also been sounded out which will allow traversal of all said chapters as a host of folklore-inspired characters.

Check out the trailer below and as ever, give us your thoughts on the announcement in the comments section.