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Rumour - PS4 performance boost from TEAM ICE, Naughty Dog preparing for big E3 reveal

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on 19 May 2014

Industry insider Tidux has taken to the Twittersphere to spread the rumour that the PS4 will receive a boost to its hardware performance.

Having been the person behind the leak of the PS4 operating system and many rumours that have come to fruition, Tidux has quite a reputation in the industry for getting things right, so his latest revelation is very exciting indeed. He claims that TEAM ICE, one of Sony's World Wide Studios central technology groups, is working on the improvements which will create an even larger gap between the hardware performances of PS4 and Xbox One.

Another industry insider, Thuway (aka Ahsan Rasheed), also known for leaking information, waded into the debate with a random Twitter user and was seemingly blown away by Tidux’s information, believing that it could make a real difference in the current-gen battle between Sony and Microsoft's consoles.

The ICE team, who are based at Naughty Dog’s Santa Monica studio, has worked on development of PS4 since the beginning and it’s rumoured that the Uncharted developer may show off the performance boost at E3 2014 with one of its upcoming IPs.

Back in March, Team ICE senior programmer Cort Stratton confirmed that he was working on a boost that could make a specific feature of the PS4 CPU run between 10-100 times faster.

Will Sony use the platform of E3 2014 to showcase this major PS4 improvement? Only time will tell.

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