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SingStar PS4 coming in 2014 with smartphone-controlled microphones

on 21 May 2014

Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed that SingStar will be released on PlayStation 4 later this year.

Though it adopt the same format as previous versions of the competitive music game series, users will be able to use iOS and Android smartphones and devices to create playlists. The app will also let players turn their handheld into a microphone.

In addition, Sony plans to introduce social media functionality, allowing players to share their efforts online via Twitter and Facebook. SingStar PS4 will also up the stakes in terms of social interaction and competiveness with an enhanced XP scoring system that rewards them for activity in-game.

The brand new SingStar will be accompanied at some point in the year by SingStar: Ultimate Party for both PS3 and PS4 with 30 tracks being made available and the option to download more songs from the SingStore. The fact that Sony says that it “represents great value for anyone new to SingStar’ suggests that it will be a compilation of some of the best tracks from previous iterations.

That’s all the details for now, but Sony will be lifting the lid more on SingStar PS4 over the next few months.