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War Thunder is finally coming to PS4 in the U.S. next month, includes Ground Forces expansion

War Thunder, the free-to-play World War II dogfighter developed by Gaijin Entertainment, is finally launching in the U.S. for PlayStation 4 on June 3.

Originally launched on the PC back in early 2013, War Thunder was released as a launch title for PS4 in Europe, though failed to turn up in North America for reasons unknown.

However, Gaijin confirmed on the U.S. PS Blog that not only is the game due out early next month, it’ll also come equipped with the Ground Forces expansion previously released on PC, as well as all other v1.41 updates.

So, that means you’ll be able to enjoy 350 different planes, squadron battles, 150 multiplayer-based missions, plus tackle supplementary single-player content such as scenario missions and the Dynamic Campaign.

European gamers need not panic, though; the Ground Forces update will also be made available for the PAL version of War Thunder on June 5, Gaijin added.

PSU reviewed War Thunder at launch and came away rather impressed to say the least. The game has since got even better thanks to various updates, and Ground Forces only looks set to expand upon its appeal.

Do you fancy hopping into the cockpit of the USAF's iconic Mustang this summer on PS4? Let us know below. When you're done, check out our beginner's guide and learn how to avoid those newbie mistakes.