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Sony Bend PS4 game may not show up at E3, features open world horror -- rumor

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on 3 June 2014

The PlayStation 4 title currently in development at Sony Bend Studio may not put in an appearance at E3 next week, according to popular industry tipster, Thuway.

Writing on Twitter (via GamePur), the insider -- real name Ahsan Rasheed -- revealed a few interesting tidbits on the as-yet unannounced game, claiming it will take on a horror theme.

“Word around the block is Sony Bend’s game is all sorts of Geah’damn. Might not show up at E3, but lots of talk about it,” he said.

“Open world, horror, no zombies. Don’t know how much truth to this, from sources I usually don’t converse with.

“Feel like it needs to be said about Bend's title. This is the second time I've heard it now. The studio is coming with fire.

“Sony's strategy seems to be working with growing studios. Sucker Punch, Ready at Dawn, Media Molecule, and Bend have increased in size,” he concluded.

A horror title without zombies? Sounds like a winner to us, considering the undead have become a tadd ubiquitous in video games over the past five years or so.

Of course, take this info with a pinch of salt for now, but fingers crossed we’ll hear more soon.

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