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Guerrilla Games' new PS4 IP won't be shown at E3

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on 5 June 2014

Killzone developer Guerrilla Games has confirmed it won’t be showcasing its new PlayStation 4 title at E3 next week.

The studio, which is based in Cambridge, Amsterdam and The Netherlands, said during a Reddit AMA (via GearNuke) that its new IP isn’t quite ready for a full-blown reveal in Los Angeles.

Quizzed if they were planning on talking about the game at E3, the Sony-owned company replied:

“No, we won’t be showing it right now. Simple reason: we are confident enough in the game, but it’s not something we can show and expect reasonable feedback. There is simply a lot of work that we need to do before we show it to our fans.”

Details on Guerrilla Games’ new IP are scarce, though rumors suggest a free-to-play offering set in an open-world. Regardless, it’s poised to be a rapid departure from the Killzone series, which up until now has been Guerilla’s trump card.

Guerilla Games isn’t the only first-party studio who won’t be flexing its muscles off at E3; Media Molecule said yesterday that it won’t be attending the expo, either.

Are you disappointed to hear Guerrilla Games won’t be showing off its new game? Let us know below.