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Atlus E3 2014 lineup includes lots of Persona & unannounced title

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on 6 June 2014

Atlus has announced their E3 2014 lineup, with the company's first-party roster dominated by Persona and an unannounced third-party title making its debut.

The trio of upcoming Persona games that will be on display are:

- Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS3/360)
- Persona Q (3DS)
- Persona 4: Dancing All Night (PS Vita)

Three third-party games, which will have hands-on demos, will also at Atlus's E3 booth and are as follows:

- Abyss Odyssey (PC, PS3, 360)
- Citizens of Earth (3DS, Wii U, PC, PS Vita, PS4)
- *Unannounced Title* (PC, PS Vita, PS4)

What could the mystery unannounced game be? Let us know your guess in the comments below and look forward to PSU's E3 coverage next week!