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E3 2014: From Software's Project Beast unravelled as Bloodborne?

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on 9 June 2014

From Software – the pain-loving developers behind the likes of Dark Souls – has unravelled what looks to be the mystery of Project Beast.

Entitled ‘Bloodborne’, the trailer shown seemingly takes players into a Victorian London-type area, where mob mentalities and grotesque deformities are commonplace. Suffering from some zombie-like affliction, the populace are ravenous in their thirst, with the rest of the non-affected race hell-bent on the riding the town of the infected.

It’s an incredibly gory affair, with a figure – shrouded in a long, dark cloak – fashioning an elongated scalpel of sorts to quell the streets of the afflicted. One thing’s for certain: the game’s not for the faint-hearted, and you can bet that the game will feature the infamously laborious gameplay associated with some of From Software’s most celebrated titles.

Check out the trailer below.

If this is indeed Project Beast (with a release date set at 2015), which it certainly looks like, you can expect far more details to unravel themselves during this E3 week. Give us your thoughts below and stay tuned for more as it comes.