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E3 2014: Suda 51 discloses horrific new PS4-exclusive Let it Die

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on 9 June 2014

In a spate of news that’s currently following a long line of blood-curdling announcements, it’s been confirmed that developer Suda 51 – of Grasshopper Manufacture – is working on a PS4-exclusive entitled: ‘Let it Die’.

E3-goers and streamers alike were treated to a live-action trailer, intercut with damage-type information akin to the Fallout series. Priding itself on a distinct homage to the Saw movies, Let it Die is certainly looking like it’ll be one of the more psychologically-effective game’s on PS4’s ever-expanding roster.

Not much was shown by way of gameplay, but there’s little doubt of the game’s quality given the plethora of incredible titles created by the folks at Grasshopper Manufacture. A placeholder release date of 2015 also accompanied the trailer, putting next year as an incredibly strong year for PlayStation 4.

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