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E3 2014: Surgeon Simulator prepping for release on PS4

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on 10 June 2014

The zany, sometimes-hilarious PC hit Surgeon Simulator is coming to PlayStation 4, Sony has confirmed.

The game, released just last year, has players don the surgeon gloves and perform a whole manner of dangerous procedures, by calling the hands of the surgeon. The results are oftentimes hilarious as you flail around in the vain hope of correcting whatever’s wrong, without severing a vital organ.

The DualShock 4’s six-axis motion control will play an integral role to proceedings, as explained by Community Manager Poppy Byron on Sony’s U.S. blog. ‘’The most exciting part was when we started using the six-axis motion sensors to control the orientation of the hand. Our playtesters were pleasantly surprised by how good this felt. It’s quite an alien feeling at first but it gives a lot of agility to the hand, so people tended to prefer it over the stick control once they got a feel for it. We were able to sharpen up the responsiveness by feeding in a bit of the raw gyro acceleration values, by which point we decided the motion sensors should be the default control mechanism for hand rotation for Surgeon Simulator on PS4.’’

No price or release date has been forthcoming but you can expect confirmation in the coming days – stay tuned for PSU for all the updates and news from this year’s E3. And in the meantime scroll down to the comments and let us know what you think of Surgeon Simulator coming to PS4.