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Over 40 new PS4 titles in the works, says Shahid Ahmad

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on 12 June 2014

Sony’s newfound commitment to independent games is no secret in the gaming world, and while many PlayStation gamers have enjoyed fantastic indie titles such as Resogun, Fez, OlliOlli, and are looking forward to the launch of No Man’s Sky, many gamers in general criticize Sony’s so far highly successful PlayStation 4 video game console for having so many indie titles.

Shahid Ahmad, the man in charge of strategic content at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, has been considered one of the faces of Sony’s indie movement for awhile now. He commonly posts arrays of multiple tweets when just one is not enough to relay his message. Tonight was such a night as he explained his frustration about the heat he and the rest of PlayStation receive from some gamers about their indie-friendly stance, in the process announcing that 40 new titles are in the works for the PS4:

Indie or not, 40 more PS4 games is definitely a benefit. That’s not all either:

In short, there’s a lot of new content coming to the PS4--and indies have a lot of potential. Insomniac is an indie studio. Naughty Dog, which now enjoys legendary status for franchises like The Last of Us and incredible quality as seen in Uncharted 4, started as an indie or indie-level studio. Hello Games wowed the world with No Man’s Sky, announced this week.

Meanwhile, the AAA games are coming too. Multi-platform games like Destiny, Battlefield: Hardline, and Batman: Arkham Knight, and exclusives like Little Big Planet 3, Uncharted 4, and Driveclub are set to impress gamers as early as this year.

With 40+ new games, indie or otherwise, joining those ranks, there is more for gamers to do on Sony’s flagship console than ever before.

How do you feel about indies? Do you love your PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 as much as we love ours? Let’s talk about it. The comment section awaits.