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PlayStation Now beta leak confirms NA pricing structure

on 20 June 2014

Sony’s game streaming service PlayStation Now is currently in closed beta and everyone involved has had to sign their lives away to an NDA which prevents them from talking about it.

However, that hasn’t stopped PS4daily from spilling the beans, who claims that it’s been told about specific pricing plans that have cropped up in the invite-only beta. The news website reveals that Saint’s Row can be rented for 4 hours for $4.99 and 90 days for $29.99. The lowest priced games will be priced $2.99 and up to $29.99, it claims. Publishers will be able to set their own prices for titles.

PlayStation Now will be available not only on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, but also on smartphones, tablets and newer Sony Bravia HDTVs. Players will be able to rent specific games or pay a subscription fee for access to a library of titles.

An open beta phase for PlayStation Now is set to launch in July for PS4 owners.