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The Last Guardian artists create indie studio, showcase stunning Vane concept art

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on 23 June 2014

The quality of Team ICO’s work, which includes Shadow Of the Colossus, Ico and The Last Guardian, is stamped all over the glorious-looking indie title Vane, which has been announced by new studio Friend & Foe.

The indie team at Friend & Foe comprises of two members of Team ICO and three other developers who have worked on some major titles, including Bionic Commando, Battlefield 3 and Killzone.

The game appears to be similar to Journey in concept, with players exploring a sandbox environment and solving puzzles. Here's the official blurb:

"A child with an odd ability stuck in a strange land. A dangerous natural environment inhabited by a strange civilization. Vane is an open-world adventure game based on mystery and exploration.

The game focuses on unraveling the mysteries of an unknown land via exploration, puzzle-solving and other features yet to be revealed, in an atmospheric and powerful setting."

Check out some of the artwork and gifs...

Rasmus Deguchi and Rui Guerreiro are the two former Team ICO members who worked as concept artists for The Last Guardian between 2009-2012. Considering Team ICO’s close connection to Sony Computer Entertainment with its previous work, and the fact that PlayStation platforms are fully-supportive of indie titles, it seems likely that we’ll eventually see Vane make it to Sony consoles at some point. Currently, Vane is only listed as a PC title.