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Xbox gamers mad about Destiny's exclusive PlayStation content, Bungie defends decision

on 24 June 2014

Following the announcement of PS3 and PS4 exclusive content for Destiny, Bungie’s forums were inundated with irate Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners annoyed about the Halo creator’s decision to side with Sony.

Xbox players have long enjoyed a close relationship with Bungie following the birth of the Halo franchise, which has a huge and loyal Xbox following, and it’s clear that they feel quite betrayed by the Washington-based company’s switch to favouring the ‘opposition’.

Such is the furore over the exclusive content that Bungie community manager David Dague has took it upon himself to defend the decision on the Angry Joe Show reminding the Xbox community that they are in fact making Destiny for Xbox 360 and Xbox One too.

"Any suggestion that we're ostracising or alienating the Xbox community - I mean, we are making a game for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360,” said Dague.

“We're immensely proud of our legacy with the Bungie community and the Halo games. We absolutely want them to join us in the world of Destiny. The exclusives we have announced will be available to them on a long enough timeline. I don't know if that timing has been revealed yet, but everything you're going to see in this game will be available to all some day."

You can watch the full interview here...


PSU learned that the PlayStation DLC, which includes maps, weapons and vehicles, will in fact land on Xbox console in autumn 2015, meaning that Xbox players will have to wait almost a year to get their hands on the extra content.

Destiny is one of the most talked about games of 2014 with a slew of positive previews coming from hands-on time with the shooter at E3. Pre-orders are now available ahead of its September 9, 2014 launch.