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SEGA explains why the new Yakuza isn't a PS4-exclusive

Speaking during an interview with Famitsu (via GamingBolt), the developer behind the Yakuza series has explained why it’s bringing the latest chapter in the gangster-fueled franchise to both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

SEGA revealed that the plan behind the new Yakuza title, which was confirmed to be in development just last month, will mirror that of this year’s Yakuza Ishin.

“We will be releasing it on the PS3 and PS4. There are many fans who are still playing on the PS3 and we want to make it available to that system as well for them, while simultaneously we want to release the game for people who have bought and looking forward to a next gen feeling with the PS4, it’ll be very similar to how Ishin was released.”

Right now there’s no clue as to whether we’ll see the game in the west, and right now it looks unlikely considering the fact 2012’s Yakuza: Dead Souls was the last one to see a release outside of Japan.

Yakuza Ishin was released in Japan alongside the PS4 in February this year. Rumors cropped up around that time regarding possible localization for the U.S., though nothing has materialized as of yet.

Stay tuned.